Train Yourself - Finishing off a through pass

On Tuesday, we all witnessed some very good goals in the Liverpool vs Roma Champions League match-up.  We were discussing in the office the fact that many players do not train finishing off of through passes like the goal that Salah scored for the second goal of the game.  

Below is a video and the training session diagrams of how you can train controlling off of a through pass to finish back post or with a chip ;) 


In the first exercise setup a pass back wall about 10-12 yards outside of the 18 yard box outside the frame of the goal.  I used mannequin's but you can use anything to be the "defender" that you need to cut inside of to create the angle.  Focus on the pass off the wall and be sure you put enough pace on the pass so that you are running onto the ball.  

For the technique of the shot be sure to keep your head down and strike through the ball.  You do not just want to pass the ball with the side of your foot but you do not want to use only your laces or you will not get curve on the shot.  I coach players to focus on hitting the ball in the area of the bone on their big toe and be sure to follow through towards the goal.


For the final exercise you will again need to focus on putting pace on your through pass.  Be sure to use the inside of the foot when passing the ball.  For a shipped finish, you will need to use the top of your cleat where your toes are but you will not just toe the ball.  Strike on the bottom of the ball and be sure to follow through towards the target to put it on frame.