The Other World Cup - Guest Blogger Arjun Jung

I recently had the chance to speak with Arjun Jung who will be competing in the CONIFA World Cup representing the Panjab National Team from May 31st - June 10th.  I asked Arjun to write about his past experiences and about his hopes for the upcoming tournament! 


Q: Tell about your past playing experience.  What club did you grow up playing for?  Then went to USA to play at Gardner-Webb.  Where do you currently play and what level?

I grew up playing for Brentford FC from the age of 13 and played there until the age of 17, when I had a short spell at Tottenham FC under Chris Ramsey.  I decided to go to America at 18 to get a degree and also further my football ability/career.  I originally went to a school called Northwood in Michigan but soon transferred to Gardner-Webb in North Carolina, who are a division 1 college.  I currently play for Kings Langley FC who competes in step 3 of the English Football Tier System. 


Q: How did you become a part of the Panjab National Team?  How has your experience been for the National Team?


Whilst playing at Redditch United in December,  I was scouted by the Panjab FA head coach who invited my to attend a trial in which I was successful.  My experience with Panjab FA thus far has been extraordinary due to the high levels of professionalism taken part to ensure us players can achieve the most for ourselves and the team and also due to the teams we have been able to match up against.  We took part in a friendly in May 2018 against Liverpool U23s, which has been one of the best experiences of my life.


Q: What is the CONIFA World Cup?  Where will the CONIFA World Cup take place and what are the dates?

The CONIFA world cup is what I like to call ‘the other world cup’.  It’s the world cup for those nations/regions/states/provinces who have not qualified for a FIFA status and so cannot compete in the common world cup that most of us are aware of.  The CONIFA world cup takes place every 2 years and this year it is held in London from the 31st May – 10th June.


Q: What was the qualification like for the CONIFA World Cup? What teams have you played in preparation for the CONIFA World Cup?

I have only just joined Panjab FA in January 2018 so I did not take part in any of the qualification process.  In preparation for the World Cup, we have played against Liverpool U23s, Bangladesh National team, Jersey FA, and the national team of the Isle of Man. 



Q: What are the goals for the Panjab team going into the CONIFA World Cup?

Due to Panjab FA being prestigiously ranked number 1 by CONIFA, our goals are simple, to win. 


Q: What are your personal goals for the CONIFA World Cup?

Personally, I would like to contribute to Panjab lifting the trophy on the 9th June by making appearances in every game and hopefully getting on the score sheet and/or getting a few assists.  I would also like to perform well enough to be seen by other coaches/agents/scouts to potentially further my career! 


Thank you to Arjun Jung for taking time to answer questions for everyone!  Also, you can find out more information about the CONIFA World Cup at