Individual Session

This is a high intensity session with a focus on dribbling and short passing. There are four parts to the session and they are marked by A, B, C and D. 

Part A - This is a simple warm up involving different dribbling techniques across the field.  In this session the players dribbled down and back with the right foot only, left foot only, inside/outside right foot, inside/outside left foot, 3 cut turn inside of the foot, 3 cut turn outside foot, scissor both feet.  

Part B - Two agility poles 10 yards apart.  Alone you will dribble around the agility poles right foot only or left foot only in clockwise and counterclockwise direction.  Time yourself for 30 seconds and try to get around as many times as possible.  

If you have a partner, then each partner starts at each pole and then dribbles around the poles "chasing" one another.  Go around until one partner catches the other or for 30 seconds.  

Part C - Pass and Speed Ladder. Place a ball 2 yards away from the start of the speed ladder and start by passing the ball along the side of the speed ladder.  Once you pass the ball with the inside of the foot go through the speed ladder by placing 2 feet in each square.  Be sure to pick up your feet quickly!  After exiting the speed ladder try to reach the ball before it stops rolling.  The major focus here is playing a correctly weighted pass so that the ball is still rolling when you exit the speed ladder.

Part D - Passing off of the rebound wall.  Play the ball off of the wall with the left foot then shuffle over to play 1 touch off of the wall with your right foot.