Small Sided Game - 6v6 +2 - Positional Play

Set Up: A 40 X 30 yard grid with a cone in the middle which divides the larger grid into 4 grids.  This will just be for visual aid to guide the players. 2 Blue  and 2 Red players will be on the outside of the grids with one at each end.  Inside the grid is 6 Red and 6 Blue. Play 4 rounds at 3 minutes per round.  

Organization: The 6 Blue and 6 Red play in the middle trying to get the ball from one end player to the other end player to receive a point. Players in the middle can move anywhere inside of the area. If the Blue have the ball and Red steal the ball they can play either Red on the outside.  Once the Red on the outside has the ball he plays back to the Red's on the inside who try to move the ball to the other side of the field to get a point.  If they achieve this the Red plays back into the Red's and they go the other way again.  

Variations: If the teams are keeping the ball really well try to have them play 2 touch or force the balls to be played along the ground so they do not just play long into the opposite target.  

Coaching Points: When the players are looking to build from one side to the other focus on the team shape of the team in possession.  Encourage the players to cover the whole field and check to see if there is an open 4th of the field they could move to.  I tend to choose moments to "freeze" and point out either a poor team shape or a good team shape so that the players can see what it should look like.  In this exercise having an open body shape and first touch into space is important to keep possession and move the ball quickly. Passing technique with toe up and heel down, striking through the middle of the ball is important to keep the ball on the ground. Combination play is also effective for the players to get the ball from one side to the other.  Introducing 1-2 or overlapping runs to the players in the warm-up with help with the adjustment to the small sided activity.