Transition Rondo

Set Up: A large 40 X 30 yard grid with a smaller 12x12 yard grid in the middle of the larger square.  In the middle square play 5v2 with 5 Blues keeping the ball away from 2 reds.  In the larger grid there are 6 reds with two more reds on the outside of the grid. 

Organization: The 5 blue players try to keep possession 5v2 in the middle square.  Every 6 passes is a point. When the red defenders win the ball the blue players try to quickly press the ball and win it back, keeping it in the middle grid. If the blue players miss a pass and it goes into the bigger grid or the red defenders win the ball and play out to the red on the outside the blue team transitions out to try and win the ball off of the red players.  Every 6 pass by the red team is a point. 

Variations: If the teams are keeping the ball really well try to have them play 2 touch.  Also, you can add a goal at one end of the grid so that after the red team completes 6 passes they can finish on goal.  

Coaching Points: When the blue team are in possession focus on the shape of the 5 in the area so that they cover the area fully.  Also, teach an open body shape so that they can play a pass in 1 or 2 touch.  Slight movement from the blue players who do not have the ball so that they can create a path to receive the ball.  During the transition, focus on the blue players putting immediate pressure on the ball.  The other players should quickly move to block passing lanes so that they can keep the ball inside the middle grid.   If the ball does go out to the 10 red players then the blue need to work together as a group to move and pressure the ball together.